Creator's Guide to RuneSword II - OS

Welcome Creators!

This Creator Guide describes the Creatorís interface, some basics for tome construction, pointers on how to translate your ideas into a tome, and a section on how to create your own world (*Insert Evil Genius Laugh.wav here*). If, after reading this guide, you donít feel up to creating your masterpiece, donít panic! There is help available from the RuneSword II (RSII) community. Some people in the community specialize in certain areas, like drawing new graphics, composing new sound effects or music, or scripting complex situations for the non-programmers. Few people are ďdo-it-allĒ types, so rely on the community for support. There are many examples of triggers, graphics, items, scripting tricks and How do you do this?ís on the boards waiting for you to stumble upon. In fact, the underlying idea of the game is collaboration, so donít be shy and ask for help when needed and help others when asked.

The Path of Creator Enlightenment

  1. Play the included adventures extensively.
  2. Fire up Creator and load the tomes youíve played. Look at how theyíre put together. Make some changes to them and see how they affect play.
  3. Skim this book, the Creator Guide. Get comfortable with the interface and follow the stepby-step instructions on making a tome from scratch.
  4. Most of the Encyclopedia Arcana is reference, but read the intro sections on Events and and Triggers.
  5. Make a new item, or creature, or a map. Or even make a tome. Donít go for an epic right away Ė try for something small and cool. And donít forget to post it on the web site, because we want to play!