Runesword II (RSII) is a CRPG designed to appeal to the "pen & paper" role-player. RSII features turn-based, strategic combat, 50+ skills, 12+ races, and several full-length adventures to play set in the world of Eternia; not to mention adventures to play in other world settings. What really makes RuneSword stand out is a flexible, easy-to-use engine for creating your own adventures and even your own worlds. But, ease-of-use does not mean wimpy or limited; RuneSword has a robust scripting engine that allows you to do just aout anything you can imagine.


10/17/09 - (manikus)

The new release is on the way - version 2.6.0. Here are some quotes taken from the SourceForge forums to give a little taste of what's coming and what the status of the release is.

from Montellano:
"To give an idea of how much work has been put into this update: over 75 changes have been made to the code since the last update. Besides all these code changes, the library has grown by a phenomenal amount, expanding the offerings among weapons, armor and other items. Money has also been redone. Lots and lots of changes!"

from Titi:
"Among these changes, two major ones are worth mentioning: - a "Camp" button has been added to the interface, and it will become active each time rest is allowed in the tome; - the medium range weapons users are smarter, and won't move too close to nor too far away from their target, they will stay in range. And should they be cornered or surrounded by so many opponents they can't move any more, they will drop their medium range weapon and take the short range weapon they carry as a backup."

from Titi:
"Installer now complete! Final tests (does it install correctly, are the tomes the most up-to-date versions, are all the graphics and sounds present, etc... ?) under way. Official release now very soon."

05/04/08 - (manikus)

I've revamped the site which includes moving to a separate style sheet for benefit of future changes and making the page quicker to load. Content has been added to various pages, including the player's guide and the creator's guide.

09/17/07 - (manikus)

Added Phule and DJ to the credits on the About page and fixed a couple of spelling mistakes. :D

09/14/07 - (manikus)

I've got the rest of the base level pages up. This is still a work in progress, but it's getting a little closer. The next main area I tackle will be in the player's guide section which will have a section on the world's of RuneSword II, especially Eternia the world that the game is set in.

09/03/07 - (manikus)

This is the new site for RuneSword II - OS. It's not a lot at the moment, but give us a bit of time and see what we've got. Sure it's not a lot to look at right now, but that's because we're putting so much effort into working on the game and game creator.