Player's Guide to RuneSword II - OS: Worlds

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Eternia was the first world for Runesword. It is the most developed and contains some of the most popular tomes. All first time players of RSII are recommended to spend sometime in Eternia before venturing off into other worlds. A good first tome to play in is The Land Beyond.


There are 12 races in the world of Eternia. Each race reflects a different group of skills and abilities.

The world of Eternia is a place full of magic and wonder. Vices and runes are the root of magic in Eternia. Greed, Pride, Lust, Wrath, Lunacy and Revelry all have their magical followers.

  • Greedspells
  • Pridespells
  • Lustspells
  • Wrathspells
  • Lunacyspells
  • Revelspells


There are twenty runes in Eternia. They are: Blood, Bile, Oil, Nectar, Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Time, Moons, Suns, Space, Insect, Man, Fish, Animal, Twilight, Abyss, Dreams, and Eternium